Short Stories & Poems

Goodbye, Sky

low light photography of books

    I try to experiment with poetry from time to time.

    When I was younger, memorizing poems was part of my homework, but I never thought much of them. (Except for “The Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll. That poem was the highlight of 6th grade. I can still recite it to this day.)

    It wasn’t until I read The Ballad of the White Horse by G. K. Chesterton that I realized how exciting poetry could be! Chesterton’s rhythm and flow were flawless, and I was swept up in the adventure before I realized what was happening.

    There are things to be learned from every form of writing, and I know I have to step out of my writing comfort zone if I want to grow as a writer. I thought I’d share a poem I wrote over the week!

Goodbye, Sky

The promise of a sunny day,

Was all at once taken away,

By rolling storm clouds drifting through,

And turning skies to black from blue.

I watch the light fade with a sigh,

And with a wave, say, “Goodbye, sky.”

Replying without empathy,

The storms send winds to shake the trees,

And from the sky comes sheets of rain,

And darkness falls with all its pain.

Mere minutes pass before I’m beat,

And I hang my head in defeat;

For what’s the use for courage here,

When storms rage on to mock my fear?

Is there a reason left to try,

When tears are pouring from my eyes?

When all is lost, what hope is there?

Why should my tired heart now care?

Why should I press on through the night,

When I know it’s not my last fight?

One day a battle might begin,

That I can never hope to win.

But something in me drives me on,

And stops my hope from being gone.

Though this war may not end this day,

I’ll struggle on and find a way,

To keep my spirits burning strong,

To keep my courage rolling on.

I take a step and shield my face,

From driving winds and pelting rain.

Though pain and suffering are here,

The hope of life is ever near.

And then the raindrops start to slow,

And I can feel a warmth now grow.

I blink and look. Am I mistaken?

Or are those dark storm clouds now breaking?

I turn and with a great delight,

Watch black clouds fade and turn to white.

A shaft of sunlight filters through,

And darkened skies have turned to blue.

The once dark world receives its light,

And somehow wrongs are turned to right.

The once-dry streams are flowing past,

And flowers spring up through the grass.

The sun shines brightly once again;

The world begins to make amends.

The storm has somehow made me stronger,

I know that I can now last longer.

I know that I cannot give in,

Amid the rains and howling winds.

I know that there is light to guard,

And my good deeds will not be marred.

The darkest nights will pass me by,

I look upwards. “Hello, sky.”

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