Four Books I’d Love to see Movie Adaptations For

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I think many readers share the same love-hate relationship with movie adaptations. When a beloved book is being made into movie, the producers are either going to come up with a great adaptation that follows the plot excellently, brings our favorite characters to life, and takes us on a thrilling visual adventure, OR they’re going to completely butcher it. And there’s nothing we can do about it.
That being said, I often find myself wanting my favorite books to be made into film adaptations. That way, the book itself gains popularity, and my friends who don’t like to read can enter into the story. Here are just a few books I wish had film adaptations.

Ranger’s Apprentice John Flanagan
This would be the
coolest T.V. show. I still remember one time my friend and I planned out a musical for the first book and casted the characters. (Hugh Jackman was to play Halt) So, I mean, we aren’t opposed to a musical as well 😉

Redwall by Brian Jacques
Back in 1999, there was a three season cartoon adaptation of three of the Redwall books, and I must say I loved them. It was pretty kid-friendly although many beloved characters die throughout the books. But I see the way that
Narniahandled CGI animals, and I can’t help but wish for a really epic version of a Redwall adaptation. Speaking of Narnia

3. More Narnia films.
Here’s the thing: the three films that have already been made are so perfect. The casting, the costumes, the set, the CGI,
everything was spot on. Even if the plot strayed in the second and third movies, I’ll overlook it. So I can’t say I’d want a remake of the whole Narnia series. But I always lamented the fact that we never got to see The Magician’s Nephew on screen.

Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
I would LOVE to see this on screen. It’s a historical fiction/romance/adventure, and it’s set in ancient Egypt. It’s a bit of an older book, and it was assigned in school when we were learning about ancient Egypt. It would be such a cool movie!

These are just a few that I’d had on my mind. What about you? Are there any adaptations you’d like to see? Are there any adaptations that really disappointed you?

4 thoughts on “Four Books I’d Love to see Movie Adaptations For

  1. Ahhh yes!! I agree with ALL of those! Well, I havent read Redwall yet though.
    But Mara, Daughter of the Nile would be an AMAZING movie! The story is so awesome. 🙂 Did you do the Sonlight curriculum? That’s how I read it. ☺️

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