Short Stories & Poems


woman sitting on top of building s edge
Photo by Oziel Gu00f3mez on



I listen for silence, but all around

Are voices shrilly calling.

The world is filled with deafening sound,

The volume never falling.


I search for just a shred of peace,

A momentary breath.

But those loud voices never cease,

And I’m swept up again.


I yearn to close my eyes and rest,

As I stumble along;

But I can find no bed or nest,

Amid the clamoring song.


I want to hold on to my strength,

And stand with lifted chin,

But shadows, with their growing length,

Demand that I give in.


I almost heed the harsh voices,

And give into my fears.

I drift into the noises,

When a sudden light appears.


And for a moment, stillness.

My heart is filled once more,

With courage and resilience,

I rise from off the floor.


The clouds break for a moment,

And I can glimpse that light.

It tells me not to relent,

But to carry on the fight.


So, though this noise surrounds me,

And I still fight those doubts,

A greater hope has found me,

And I will not back out.

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