Meet the Horses!

Hello, readers!

I have more of a fun blog post for today! I know I’ve mentioned them before, and how they’re constant presences in my life, always ready to lend me an ear when I need to work out the plot points of a new story aloud. That’s right, it’s time for you to meet Mickey and Rebel!

*Insert photo of Mickey*

Mickey is a mustang caught straight from the wild, at least, that’s how the story goes. He was abandoned at a farm that a friend of a friend of a friend owned, and somehow, word got to me and my dad that this ‘lil guy was up for sale. 

He reminds me and my family of Eeyore. He’s not very affectionate, and when you pull out a camera, he looks the other way. But he is ridiculously patient with thirteen year-old girls putting the bridle on backwards and not knowing how to tighten his girth. He’s patient until you want to do something dumb, that it. He’s not much of a stunt horse, and you just know that when you take him for a ride, the only thing on his mind is getting back to the barn. 

Anyways, he’s an absolute sweet-heart and I love him so much,

*Insert photo of Rebel*

Rebel is a Quarter Horse that, well, lives up to his name. He was a step up for me, but I’m thankful for it, because he pushed me to become a better rider. He was one of the survivors of the Louisiana floods back in 2016. 

He’s different from Mickey in almost every way. He loves coming up to poke my pockets for treats, and he absolutely loves a camera. He’s difficult and impatient at times, but he’d probably jump over a fence if I asked him. I feel like if he was a person he’d be a popular high school jock, a star quarterback or something, but still best friends with a lovable, antisocial nerd, Mickey. 

He’s my ‘lil buddy and he has my whole heart.

Like I said, these two probably know every detail of everything I’ve written because I like to ramble about plot lines out loud, and I like when someone’s listening. So, whenever I ride, especially in October and November as I prep for NaNoWriMo, I like to develop plots, characters, work out goals and track my progress. Though they can’t speak, Mickey and Revel are wonderful listeners, and I’ve actually pretty thankful they can’t speak or I’m sure the first thing they’d tell me is, Stop talking so much.

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