5 Writing Prompts

Are you running a little low on inspiration?

Do you want to write, but have no clue what to write about?

Well, say no more! Here are five writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

Remember, everything you write is going to benefit you in the long run. Even if you sit down and write the silliest, most ridiculous story you can possibly think of, it’ll help. Even if you know you’ll never show anyone this story, it’ll help. Even if you toss it out the window five minutes after its completion, it’ll help!

Now, onto the prompts!

#1: Deep within the forests, the tallest tree blooms in golden flowers, something it hasn’t done in a thousand years. What’s the reason?

#2: One day, you wake up with a pair of glossy wings, standing a mere three inches tall. Describe your life as a tiny pixie.

#3: Listen to a song. What’s the story it’s trying to tell? Bonus points if the song has no words.

#4: Write a story where the hero and the villain trade roles in the end.

#5: Imagine the four seasons as people. What would they look like? Who would get along the best? Make them all have a tea party and see what happens. 

Happy writing!

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