All You Need to Know About Getting a Government Boiler Grant

With the ever rising costs of energy and living, it may seem impossible to replace household items as they break or get old. Unfortunately sometimes we get blindsided by unexpected expenses such as replacing an old boiler or heating element. So, what do you do if an emergency occurs but, you do not have the funds to replace something as important as a boiler? Grants are made available to help cover these costs.

You can apply for a boiler grant which can cover the cost of a replacement boiler. A boiler grant is also a great option for replacing an older boiler that is not energy efficient. The idea behind the grants provided by SEAI is to support Ireland in becoming a leader in sustainable supply and the conservation of energy. SEAI also known as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland was designed to help the country begin a major conservation effort and to hopefully make a big impact on the rest of the world.

There are some important items to remember when considering if you should apply for a boiler grant. Any appliance over 15 years is most likely less than 80% energy efficient and the older the appliance, the less efficient is becomes. So it is reasonable to say that any item that is still in use today but, what created over 15 years ago is more than 70% ineffective which leads to higher energy costs.

Thanks to the provided by SEAI, most households in Ireland have been able to upgrade their boilers to more energy efficient models. It is also important to remember that a Cv ketel vervangen older than 15 years is not as safe as a newer model. With the older models, there was always a risk of explosion but, now with the new strict health and safety laws, boilers have been upgraded with new features to ensure your families safety.

SEAI also offers heating grants. This is a great choice if you are looking for an option to replace your current heating sources with renewable energy sources. You may also be able to replace old windows to prevent drafts from getting in and the warm air from getting out. Other options covered under the heating grant are solar heating, heat pumps and pellet fuel stoves. Solar heating has become increasingly popular for energy conservation and to lower the amount of pollution on the earth. Heat pumps are a great way to provide heat to radiators which can also lead to lower energy bills but, keep in mind that the amount of heat provided by the pumps may not be enough to fuel a standard radiator. Overall, heating grants will help you to save money while making your home more energy efficient.

So keep in mind when you are looking to upgrade your current heating elements whether it is a boiler, radiator or any other heating appliance, take a look at a boiler grant or heating grants provided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.


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