Amazing Backpacking Trips You Can Take!

Backpacking trips have come a long, long way. What used to be a hike through the forest has now turned into fantastic expeditions in all sorts of countries and tourist locations.

Ireland backpacker tours let you roam Celtic lands of legend, and Alaskan tours have you hiking over centuries-old glaciers. You can backpack Everest or explore fantastic European cities.

The choice of backpacking trips available Backpacking Trekking is as plentiful as the places you can imagine trekking across. Here are some more great destinations to choose from:

If you like the sun and warmth, backpacking Mexico destinations can be a great alternative to heading down south to laze on a beach. There are pyramids and ruins in Mexico with tours that let you explore Aztec temples to your satisfaction.

You’ll be stunned by the first-hand experience of being in a location full of legend. Other locations you’ll explore on your vacation backpacking Mexico wonders will be the famous Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe, a highly visited religious site. Other tours available include the City of Eternal Spring or the Gardens of Xochimilco.

A European backpack vacation can be another wonderful experience full of culture. The size of the countries in Europe means that in two weeks and at budget-conscious expenses, you can tour the trails of several vacation destinations and see different people and places.

Recommendations for European backpack holidays suggest careful planning, as those who hike their way through places in Europe on their own might find different countries and unfamiliar languages confusing.

One backpacking mountain tour brings you to the highest mountain of the Ukraine in the Carpathians. You can ascend to the summit of the Doboshanka!

Those backpackers who’d like to get a taste of Everest can do so by taking one of the backpacking trips to the mountain’s base camps. Be forewarned that mountain-climbing trips can be arduous and require good physical fitness.

If you don’t want to have a wild backpacking tour, settling for more sedate backpacking trips is just fine. You can chose a European tour that involves nothing more than a stay in the hotel and traveling through cities by day on foot.

Walking tours come in a close second to their hiking counterparts. Backpacking Italy is another wonderful way to see beautiful buildings and romantic locations without needing to exert yourself to climb mountains.

The destinations of your backpacking trips are only limited by how many places you can think of traveling to. You can find all sorts of backpacking tour companies that will help you make your travel reservations and fill you in on trip details.

You could opt for letting your feet take you where they would by booking a flight and nothing else. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll wander wherever you please. These types of trips are great on a budget, but do some pre-expedition planning and try to have some type of itinerary in mind.


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