How to Choose Orchid Pots For the Optimal Health of Your Plant

There are many different orchid pots you can use when trying to find the perfect container to hold your plant support net. Too few people give careful consideration to the size and type of pot they use to hold their plants, because it truly does matter. Orchids tend to be very delicate, which means that you will need to think about the kind of pots you use to store your orchids in. You will want to start by examining the size of the pot you are thinking about using. It is important to make that it isn’t too large, because water will be able to easily sit inside it for too long and ultimately destroy the roots.

The pot which you choose should not be too small either, because the roots will need enough room to spread out as it grows. You will want to allow for a little bit more space than it needs right now, which means a slightly larger pot than it is already in. You will be able to use anything from a crystal to terracotta pot to put the orchids in; however the main consideration you should make is the size. Remember that this is something which matters very much, and it could mean life and death for your plants.

Net pots are commonly used for larger orchids, so they will have enough room. They are also very good for drainage when they receive their daily watering. The reason that drainage is so important is because too much water in an orchid can be a terrible thing, much like any other plant. You want it to be able to get enough water to where it grows and remains healthy, but not so much to where it drowns. You may not even think you are putting that much in, however with certain pots the water tends to linger at the bottom, soaking into the roots and as a result causing them to rot and become useless to the plant.

You will be able to find many different orchid pots online for sale, and you’ll want to take a look at what all of your options are, because there are many kinds to choose from. Apart from practicality, you will also want to think about what would look good, whether inside or outside your home. A crystal pot would certainly add a very elegant and beautiful touch to your orchids; however they tend to be expensive. You will want to think about what your budget is like when going about buying an orchid pot.

Square orchid pots are another choice that you will want to look at. Each of these has their own benefits, so it’s crucial that you check each of them out. Some types of orchids actually do better in specific pots, because they allow for more room than others. Your orchids deserve to have a pot which is large enough for them to grow and one that provides for the proper amount of drainage when they get watered. Spend some time looking at the various kinds before coming to a final conclusion.

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