iPhone Wholesalers – Can You Really Find iPhone Wholesalers?

Inevitably, items that sell well on eBay and any other market on the internet are bombarded by people trying to sell the products that are currently in high demand. As an eBay powerseller I only use the most reliable wholesale suppliers and also some of the best dropshippers around. The question that is often asked the most is where can I find reliable iPhone wholesalers. This question of course is popular due to the rate at which iPhones are selling. Looking to eBay, apple iPhones are one of the hottest products at the moment and people are paying above and beyond to get their hands on them.

Recently I decided to start sell iphone 5s to see what profit margin I could average out on every 100. The results were staggering you really can make a lot of money with iPhones. Fom my experience the iPhone 32gb s is selling particularly well at the moment. It is these luxury goods that even in a recession can put your profitability through the roof.

Many people try to enter the field of selling on eBay but do not succeed. Why do people find it difficult to sell on eBay? Simple, the suppliers they have are all over the internet. They supply the products at close to retail prices, therefore leaving little to no profitability for the seller. This is why people wanting to sell iPhones do not succeed, they do not have access to the reliable and genuine iPhone wholesalers. There are some good iPhone dropshippers around, but you must be careful as there are also a vast amount of fakes out there. If you are dropshipping iPhones you may be lucky to scoop up 10-20 profit per iPhone. The reality of it is in the long term you will not succeed as people who buy these iPhones on wholesale will run that profit margin down to maybe 2-3 a piece.

You can not simply type iPhone wholesalers into Google and expect to find suppliers that will make you thousands. In fact as an eBay powerseller I have had to learn this the hard way. I have many reliable suppliers including my supplier for apple iPhones. Searching Google will simply return a list of iPhone suppliers that may sell refurbished or damaged goods and 90% of the time will return individuals who have set up a website and claim to sell iPhones. There are also the replicas that are commonly found in the chinese market. You could possibly sell these on eBay but you would need to state the chinese model and the fact that it is not an iPhone. You never want to trick someone into parting with their hard earned cash.

So can you really find iPhone distributors?

The answer is yes you can. I have been selling iPhones on eBay and many other market places for the last 3 months and the profits have been incredible. Each iPhone sells for roughly 150 profit. So when I sell 100 in a month I make over 15,000 dollars. This is not difficult, I sell roughly 4-5 iPhones a day and to date have 100% positive feedback on eBay. Obviously I bought the product myself from the wholesaler to inspect and ensure I was supplying quality items. You too could easily sell these iPhones, you just need the right suppliers.


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