Is Your Child Showing ADHD Symptoms?

Since you are reading this I am guessing you have a suspicion s/he is showing them. The possibility exists that your child’s teacher or daycare provider has had the thought as well.

ADHD is determined by evaluations and careful observations by you and/or the teacher. Once all the information is gathered, a diagnosis is given.

If your child is overly active, unable to stay on task, is impulsive, or irritable adhd child might be the culprit. If this is affecting family life and school or other settings, you might want to ask the school how to go about getting testing done. Take note that the school district might not want to do the testing or put an IEP in place. There are protocols that you legally need to follow and those for the school. These should be available through your school district. The best case scenario is the school with you to get the testing done and put an IEP in place.

If there are problems at school, they may approach you for permission to do testing. You can refuse it but there are procedures the school can take to get it done. It’s best to allow the testing and catch a problem sooner than later. A private evaluation could be done to confirm the results of testing from the school.

Getting a complete physical done will help your pediatrician give the right dose of medication, usually stimulant drugs. You might want to refuse the medications because they can not only be addictive, have dangerous side effects or trigger an allergic reaction.

Many parents choose the holistic or natural approach to treatment because of this

Natural remedies do not have any side effects and work well. Herbs such as Hysocyamus that reduces restlessness and Verta alb that calms the nerves are formulated with other herbs, vitamins, and minerals to reduce or possibly reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

Your child needs adequate rest, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise. The exercise will help to burn off some of the excessive energy s/he may have. Lack of sleep and a poor diet can disrupt the ability to focus, control energy, and be less impulsive.


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