Medical Spa Knowledge: How Does the Zerona Laser Weight Loss System Work?

The Zerona Laser Weight Loss system has been getting more and more popular as people realize medical spas can provide significant weight loss results without the need for invasive procedures. Medical spas and clinics have started offering this revolutionary technology to customers over the past few years, and it’s only natural that many people want to know how it works. This article aims to provide a clear explanation of how laser weight loss systems work to flush the fat out of your body, and what you can expect from treatment by a skilled physician at a medical spa.

Lasers can get under your skin: how laser therapy at a medical spa safely targets the fat under your skin

Zerona Lasers are a form of “low-level laser therapy” available at spas, a safe method of sending “photonic” energy to the cells of your body and controlling the distance this energy travels. Photons are an elementary particle frequently discussed in the world of physics. In terms of laser therapy, consider photons as little particles that all light is made of. The lasers use, emit, and focus this photonic energy to impact a very carefully controlled area of cells near the surface of your body. With trained supervision at a Morpheus8 medical spa, this ensures that only designated fatty areas of your body are receiving the laser treatment, with non-targeted areas remaining completely unaffected.

Breaking it all down: what the lasers do to your fat

When you receive laser weight loss treatment at a medical spa, the photonic energy from these lasers reacts with the fat creating a system of emulsification very similar to the emulsification of fat by bile in the body’s natural digestive process. As the fat emulsifies it is broken down into smaller chunks which can be more easily handled by your body’s natural systems. Breaking down the fat allows it to naturally move out of the cell containing it, while leaving the cell healthy. Some fatty acids are then absorbed by your body for fuel, while others will be used by the liver. It’s important that you only get Zerona Laser treatment at a legitimate clinic or spa to ensure you get accurate and personal medical advice about how to best eliminate this excess fat after treatment.

Letting it work: how to make sure you’re getting the most of the treatment between medical spa sessions

After starting laser weight loss therapy at a medical spa, you’re encouraged to drink a lot of water to make sure you stay hydrated. Daily 30 minute walks also help and ensure your body is running at peak efficiency to eliminate the released fat. Eliminating caffeine from your diet also helps with this process, as caffeine is a diuretic (something that makes it harder for you to stay hydrated). It is crucial that you do not consume any alcohol. In addition to being a diuretic, Alcohol must be processed by your liver; your liver will also be busy processing the fatty acids released by the laser therapy so the more time it has to spend processing alcohol the less released fat it will be able to handle. Lastly, it’s critical to keep your medical spa appointments. The fat tissue responds more quickly if it’s treated within 48 hours, best results occur from having the treatment every other day. This also allows the staff at the medical spa to ensure the process is going smoothly and the best results are being reached.


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