Theme Birthday Supplies – Decorating Tips For a Smashing Party

Whether you are inviting 10 guests or 100, you don’t have to be a professional decorator or event planner to plan a successful birthday bash. Theme birthday supplies can help set the stage for your party and no matter what type of theme party you’re throwing, there are literally thousands of items to choose from. Need some help getting started? Here are seven decorating tips for using theme personalised birthday banners supplies that will ensure your party – well, at least the decorations – are a smash success!

Pick your theme! The theme will mandate every other aspect of the party including the supplies you’ll need to adequately outfit your party venue. Make sure to select a theme that reflects your guest of honor. From scene setters to banners and everything in between, a visit to your local party goods store will show you all the supplies available for many common themes.

  1. Utilize perennial party supplies. Certain decorations never go out of style and are appropriate for every birthday party no matter what age is being celebrated. Place helium-filled balloons and streamers that match your theme all over, lining the ceiling, doorways, and the main entrance.
  2. Use wall decorations. To further enhance your theme, carry the party decorations to the wall to create a more dramatic impact. Use commercial wall decorations or create your own. For example, if you are throwing a ladybug-themed children’s birthday party, make giant ladybugs and green leaves out of construction paper and place them all over the walls.
  3. If you’ve opted for a trademarked theme (e.g. Spongebob Square Pants), choose a few key theme birthday supplies with the trademark and supplement the rest of the decor with matching, solid colored items, such as balloons, tableware, and streamers.
  4. Hang banners. While your guests will probably know they will be celebrating a birthday, a festive “Happy Birthday!” banner makes a great addition to birthday party decor. Purchase one or make your own. Hang about entryways, walls, or anywhere that will be visible to guests.
  5. Don’t forget the cake! Make sure this birthday staple also matches your theme. For example, if you are throwing a sports themed party, have the cake made into the shape of the guest of honor’s favorite sports equipment, such as a football or basketball hoop.
  6. Hand out festive party favors that match your theme as your guests make their exit. For instance, if you’re planning a golf themed party for dad’s 50th, pass out golf tees or golf balls that match your color scheme. You can even integrate the favors into the decor, by placing them in a basket and using it as a centerpiece.

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