Types of Student Insurance Policy and Advice to Prevent Fraud

Like all other insurance policies, student insurance policies provide benefits to the student class. Student insurance policy as the vary name suggest provide coverage against financial losses if you are a student or planning to continue your studies. There are a number of internatioal student insurance companies working which provide insurance for students, depending upon the requirement and probable risks regarding students. There are several types of policy plans are offered that a student can purchase, let us throw some light on them.

Types of Student Policies Plan

– Student Health Insurance: It covers the medical expenses and provides coverage to other medical treatments.
– Student Car Insurance: Premium cost for young drivers is comparatively high. But still if you have a policy, you will get coverage against any theft or accident or any other damage.
– Student Travel Insurance: it provides coverage for any sort of loss or damage, i.e. loss of baggage, trip cancellation or any other damage or injury etc while you are traveling.
– Student Renters Insurance: it provides insurance against any damage resulted by theft, disaster, any other natural calamity, fire, storm etc to your expensive property.
– Student Liability Insurance: it will provide coverage to third party against any financial losses that may arises when the policy holder is responsible for the damage done. This policy also covers court proceedings too in case of any damage.

How to Avoid Insurance Fraud

There are so many insurance companies in the market and we cannot study the legalities of all those companies. That’s the main reason of increasing fraudulent companies in the market. You cannot blind trust any of the company or there terms and conditions. Hereunder are given some of the important tips to avoid insurance fraud.

1. Your personal information (identity, credit card number etc) is very crucial. You need not to disclose it to anyone else until or unless you make a purchase.
2. Never sign the blank form. Always check out for the required details and explanations before signing the form.
3. It is necessary to have a good idea about company profile. You can use internet to check the company’s website and go through a detailed pamphlets regarding company status in the market.
4. Keep an eye on the insurance cost. You might sometime find things relatively cheap in the beginning unaware of the surcharges or other costs. So, it is necessary to have a good study of all the costs and rate before buying any policy.
5. To buy insurance policy from an unlicensed company is a great trouble for you. You cannot reach them subsequently to get back your money. It is important to check on the documents whether it is licensed one or not. You can contact Insurance Commissioners’ office for details.
6. Don’t opt for purchasing any policy on phone.

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