Do Your Business Startup Ideas Suffer From the Sink Or Swim Syndrome?

Finding the best business idea isn’t always that easy. You want to be sure not to let your impatience to get started in your new business drive you to make a bad decision because of your haste. You do not want to regret not taking the time to thoroughly research each of your business startup ideas first before you make your move. One of the advantages that you get from writing a business plan is that the process requires you to examine all aspects of the business operation.

Once you have made your decision to become a new business owner, you might be tempted to just take the plunge and begin to take steps to get the business up and running. Good advice that someone could give you before diving into a lake head first would be to test the water and see how deep it is. This would be good advice to take before starting a business. It is very important to do the necessary exploratory research to see how good that idea really is.

Once you get that business going by spending money, signing leases, hiring people, and making commitments, it may be too difficult to pull out. If that happens, you may find yourself in over your head and in a “sink or swim” situation. Perhaps you have heard many people say that a high percentage of new businesses fail, and this could very well be one of the reasons

Entrepreneurs who are fearless and do not do the proper exploratory research often jump into a pool filled with unknown dangers and find themselves up to their neck in alligators. All right, enough of the jumping into a lake metaphor!

I hope I have made my point, but it would not be fair if I did not say that it may not be correct to say that the entrepreneur who does not do the research stands no chance for success, because that would not be true. The situation would call for someone who was really talented and really driven to make a success of it but it could be done. Perhaps you think you are one of those entrepreneurs, but why take the chance when doing it the right way is not as risky.

Here is more advice that I would give to someone searching for the best business startup idea.

If you are someone who has worked for many years and now find themselves unemployed or just wanting to be their own boss, I would tell them to start with something that they already know. Someone who has been a corporate accountant might start their own bookkeeping service or management consulting firm.

Now as you read that, you might be saying, “Well, that is not me and that is too obvious.” So let’s look at you. Do you have any talents or hobbies that you love to do? Some hobbies like scrapbooking, candlemaking or photography all can easily be developed into a business. If you are a good piano player or keyboard player, then of course, you can give lessons. That could also apply to a hobby such as archery that would have an appeal to mothers who are always looking for something for their sons to do.

Another way to locate an idea is to look around and you might find a need in your community. At your current workplace, do you hear people mentioning a task that they would like to hire done? Wherever you go, keep your eyes and ears open for ideas. Maybe you have heard the television cooking personality Paula Dean talk about how she started her business making lunches for people who were working. There might be a great business idea in your path and you have just not recognized it as one yet.

Is there a business that is currently operating that you think you could improve upon? Perhaps you could add a new way of delivery or a new more interesting way of doing the service. You may not need to come up with a new idea, just an improvement on the concept. Some smart entrepreneur started delivering pizza and the delivery pizza service was born.


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