God Makes Us Into Righteous Palm Trees

“But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.”

The Lord Is Making Us, The Children of God, Into Righteous Palm Trees!

Solomon’s temple has palm trees carved on every wall and every column. This tree was and still is a symbol of victory. To be likened to a palm means that we, too, are victorious. We have chosen the right path, and now the Lord makes us into an upright, reaching to heaven, palm tree. Our sun is the Son of God. We reach towards the Son even if we have to grow around another tree or bend to be able to see the Son. We are reaching upwards toward our Father, living and growing, fed by the water of life, and the living water of the Holy Spirit.

We Are Like the Palm Tree

Unlike deciduous trees, the rent palm trees in NY never loses all its branches or leaves at one time. A branch lasts a long time – months and months! When the tree is about to shed a branch, the branch starts to turn from green to brown, begins to droop, and then falls off the tree. Right next to the old branch, the new branch makes its way up to the sky. Like this tree, the Holy Spirit helps us to constantly shed the old self, and replace it with the new self, an ongoing process throughout our lives.

Deciduous trees have rings of growth, a new ring of growth for each year which is added to the outside of the trunk. Palm trees have a central core which grows larger each year from the inside out. We, too, are also growing from the inside out, learning more, and becoming more each year. A review of where I was in the growth cycle a year ago reveals many changes and lots of growth. When I look back five years at the person I used to be, I am not recognizable. My close friends are so happy to know that! Thank the Lord that He helps us to continually grow from the inside out.

Like The Palm Tree, We Will Not Die

Last winter, we had some a tree like this planted in large pots around our swimming pool. A wind storm came up, and blew one of them into the swimming pool. It was winter, the pool was cold, my husband was gone, and it was far too heavy for me to lift out of the pool by myself. I prayed for the tree. I prayed that the it would live for a week while I waited for my nephew to come, and help me take it out. The tree lived! Now, all the palm trees are planted in the ground behind the swimming pool, and the “swimming” palm tree is the largest in the stand!

Our Lord is so gracious that he helps us throughout our lives to become reaching for the Son, tall and visible in our faith, constantly shedding old leaves, growing from the inside out, evergreen and alive and fresh, fruit-producing, victory celebrating, living forever palm trees!



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